Refund Policy

Within 72 hours from the moment of initial activation of the account on the website or all its subdomains, in case of refusal to provide the VPS virtual server, a full refund is guaranteed minus the commission of payment systems, subject to the conditions described below.

Refund conditions:

1. Refunds are provided only for shared hosting and virtual server (VPS) rental services.
2. Refunds are made only for the first ordered services.
3. You can request a refund only within 72 hours after the initial activation of the hosting account or VPS.
4. Refunds are made minus the commission of payment systems.
5. The money is returned to the same details from which the payment for services was made.
6. If the payment was made by an individual through a bank branch, then the money can only be returned to the bank details indicating your full name.
7. Refunds are made within 30 days from the date of submission of the application if all active services have been deleted by the user terms of service not violatedand not one active service has been created during the waiting period.
8. Refunds are not made in case of violation of the terms of service.
9. Refunds are only available if, within the 30-day waiting period, we have not received a complaint about your leased VPS on the IP allocated to you at our [email protected] email address for abuse reporting.
10. When returning, all bonuses and discounts are deducted.
11. Refund is possible only after verification of the user's passport data for individuals.
12. To get a refund, you need to open a ticket with financial customer support.
13. To return money to a legal entity, it will be necessary to fill out an application with the signature of an authorized person and the seal of the company, a sample of which can be obtained from technical support for financial matters.